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The origins of the company date from 1946,when two previous companies were connected (The Centre of Metallurgical Raw Materials and Metallurgical Supplies Centre) and created the Metallurgy Deliveries Centre .This company has been fostering the operation of polish metallurgy in terms of raw materials.

The year of 1990 was the breakthrough in the history and in the operation of the Metallurgy Deliveries Centre. The open market forced the transformation of the centralized supply unit into the merchant company.

The fundamental changes in the company and further levels of restructuring resulted in commercialization of the company in January ,2002.

On the 31st of December, the Secretary of the Treasury signed an authenticated deed about the holding 71 per cent to Industry Development Agency portfolio. Today, Industry Development Agency possesses 88 per cent of company shares and the remaining 12 per cent belong to the staff. Thus, the company gained the solid and promising investor.

At present, the Metallurgy Deliveries Centre has got the following subsidiaries :

  • Euroterminal Sławków Joint Stock Company
  • Silesian Wholesale OBROKI
  • Trans-shipment Terminals Sławków-Medyka Joint Stock Company
  • European Mininig Technologies Joint Stock Company